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Dr. David Brosz, BEd, DC

Dr. David Brosz, BEd, DC

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“I was scheduled for surgery until I was introduced to chiropractic.”

I was attending the University of Lethbridge when I had a skiing accident that resulted in injury to my neck. For the following year I suffered neck pain, headaches and numbness in my hands. The medical doctors told me I would need surgery to fix my problems. Luckily, a friend of mine introduced me to his brother who was a chiropractor. After a short course of chiropractic care my symptoms disappeared. I knew that I had found my calling……

After finishing my Bachelor of Education in Lethbridge I moved to Toronto to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I was active in sports and served on the student council for three years.

I was surprised by the in depth study of the nerve system while attending college. It was by far the toughest of the classes we took. This knowledge is crucial to the practice of chiropractic and serves me well on a daily basis.

I believe that my practice members and I are partners in health. It takes active participation by both to achieve the best health improvements.

“He who has no time for his health today will have no health for his time tomorrow.”

We find that the practice members that get the best results are those that ask a lot of questions and actively participate in the exercise programs we design for each person. Most people that come to see us have had long standing problems and with persistence, these problems can be eliminated.

I am fortunate to have two beautiful daughters that are married and have children. I love spending time with the grandchildren and seeing their smiles.

I enjoy golf immensely. You will find me on the course most weekends throughout the summer.

In the winter we like to travel to Central America site seeing and relaxing on the beaches.

I am a regular chiropractic patient, getting checked on a weekly basis. My children and their children also get checked on a regular basis to ensure their nerve systems are working at an optimal level.

I look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can assist you in achieving better health.