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Health Services

The healthcare professionals at Able Body Health Clinic provide unparalleled treatment and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disorders and injuries in the Lethbridge area. As experts in their respective fields, many of our highly trained staff of healthcare professionals are skilled and/or certified in a variety of treatment techniques. Health Services | Able Body Health Clinic

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Chiropractic therapy involves a combination of spine and/or extremity adjustments, soft-tissue therapies, active rehabilitation and postural advice. Follow the link to find out more….


You’ve probably heard about it but don’t know exactly what it is, right? Acupuncture literally means to puncture with a needle. It’s an ancient treatment method that is widely recognized as the primary component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Follow the link to find out more….

Massage Therapy

If you need a moment of relaxation, reduced muscle tension or relief from chronic pain, there are tremendous benefits to be achieved through massage therapy treatments from a Registered Massage Therapist. Follow the link to find out more….

Excercise / Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an integral part of any injury management treatment plan. Follow the link to find out more….

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy offers patients a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, including sports injuries, joint pain and a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Follow the link to find out more….

Nutrition Consulting

Able Body Health Clinic offers their clients one-on-one nutritional, dietary and weight-loss consulting. Follow the link to find out more….

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Treatment

If you were recently injured in a car accident, as a driver or passenger, then there are established diagnostic and treatment protocols in Alberta to help you reach a quick recovery through fast and effective treatment. Follow the link to learn more….

Graston Technique®

Often used in conjunction with other soft-tissue therapies, this technique is a relatively new form of soft tissue mobilization that uses specifically designed stainless steel instruments to help the practitioner identify and treat soft-tissue injuries. Follow the link to find out more….

Custom Orthotics

Custom-made foot orthotics are precision medical devices that are custom-made to correct your specific imbalance and biomechanical misalignment (e.g. high arch or flat feet). Follow the link to find out more….

Plain-Film Imaging (X-ray)

Radiographic (X-ray) exams are performed by highly trained professionals who specialize in the usage of radiographic equipment in order to help rule-out serious injury or disease, when necessary. Follow the link to find out more….

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