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New Patient Tips

The following is a list of some things that you can do as a patient to make your experience at Able Body Health Clinic more effective, efficient and comfortable. *Note*, none of these tips are required in order to receive care at the clinic, they are simply things that patients in the past have expressed would have optimized their health care experience. New Patients | Able Body Health Clinic | Lethbridge Chiropractic

Prepare the paperwork in advance

lethbridge chiropractor looking at paperworkA large portion of the paperwork that new patients must fill out before seeing a doctor at Able Body Health Clinic is available online. By printing the forms and filling them out at home you can gather any required medical information and complete the paperwork at your convenience. In addition, filling out paperwork at home can speed-up the time it takes you to see a health care professional once at the clinic.

Bring the right gear/clothing to the clinic

lethbridge chiropractor patient clothingMany new patients find that they are more comfortable in their own clothing than in a clinic gown during a physical examination. The doctors at Able Body Health Clinic will often want to examine your back as part of a complete new patient physical exam, thus bringing/wearing a sports-bra, bikini-top or other workout-type top can help new patients avoid having to wear a medical gown. In addition, if your complaint is below your waist, there is a good chance that a doctor will want to examine your hips, knees and/or ankles, as such, bringing/wearing shorts can also help avoid having to wear a clinic gown.

Know your insurance

Lethbridge chiropractor insuranceMany private and employee health benefit plans offer coverage of the health services available at Able Body Health Clinic. Many of your insurance claims can be done directly and electronically at the clinic, some insurance companies require payment by the patient at the clinic and subsequent reimbursement. By knowing which insurance company you are covered under and which services they cover, the administrators at Able Body Health Clinic can tell you how to most efficiently and conveniently make use of that coverage and minimize your out-of-pocket health care expenses. To optimize the use of your insurance, make sure you have your insurance card/numbers with you when you visit the clinic for the first time.